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AngularJS development for Food industry

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Client Background

Client: Food Delights LLC

Industry: Food and Beverage

Location: USA

Food Delights LLC is a prominent player in the food and beverage industry, specializing in gourmet food delivery services. They sought NewSol’s AngularJS development expertise to enhance their digital platform and streamline food delivery operations.


Food industry




Food Delights LLC faced several challenges:


Outdated Ordering System: Their existing ordering system was outdated, leading to a high bounce rate and lost revenue.

Inefficient Delivery Management: Manual order tracking and delivery management caused delays and customer dissatisfaction.

Limited User Engagement: The lack of interactive features on their website hindered user engagement and return customer rates.




NewSol’s team of AngularJS developers collaborated closely with Food Delights LLC to address these challenges:


angularjs development Solution for food industry

1. Modern Ordering Platform


We developed a modern and responsive AngularJS-based ordering platform with an intuitive interface. This platform enabled customers to easily browse menus, customize orders, and place orders seamlessly.


2. Real-time Order Tracking


To enhance transparency and customer satisfaction, we integrated real-time order tracking capabilities into the platform. Customers could now track the status of their orders, including preparation, dispatch, and delivery, in real-time.


3. User Engagement Features


We introduced interactive features such as ratings, reviews, and personalized recommendations. These features encouraged user engagement and helped build a loyal customer base.


4. Mobile Optimization


Recognizing the importance of mobile accessibility, we optimized the platform for mobile devices, ensuring that customers could order food on the go.




The implementation of AngularJS solutions led to significant improvements for Food Delights LLC:

Order Volume Increase: The modern ordering platform led to a 40% increase in online orders within the first three months.

Reduced Delivery Times: Real-time order tracking and efficient delivery management reduced delivery times by 25%.

Enhanced Customer Engagement: User engagement features contributed to a 15% increase in repeat orders and a 20% rise in customer reviews.

Mobile Accessibility: Mobile optimization attracted a new segment of customers, contributing to a 25% increase in mobile orders.





Client Testimonial


“NewSol’s AngularJS development services transformed our food delivery business. Their innovative solutions significantly improved our efficiency and customer engagement.” – Jane Smith, CEO of Food Delights LLC.

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