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AngularJS Development for Healthcare

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Client Background

Client: HealthCare Solutions Inc.

Industry: Healthcare

Location: USA

HealthCare Solutions Inc. (HCS) is a leading healthcare provider in the USA, offering a wide range of medical services. They sought NewSol’s AngularJS development expertise to modernize their healthcare management system and improve patient care.


AngularJS developmen


HCS faced several challenges:

Outdated Systems: Their existing healthcare management system was outdated and struggled to handle the growing patient database efficiently.

Lack of Integration: Disparate systems led to difficulties in sharing patient information and coordinating care among different departments.

Patient Engagement: HCS wanted to enhance patient engagement through a user-friendly online portal.



AngularJS Development for Healthcare Solution



NewSol’s team of AngularJS developers collaborated closely with HCS to address these challenges:

1. Modern Healthcare Management System


We developed a modern AngularJS-based healthcare management system with a user-friendly interface. This system integrated patient records, appointments, and billing, making it easy for healthcare providers to access and update patient information.


2. Seamless Data Integration


We implemented robust data integration solutions, allowing different departments to access and update patient records in real-time. This streamlined communication and improved care coordination.


3. Patient Portal


To enhance patient engagement, we created a patient portal using AngularJS. Patients could schedule appointments, access test results, and communicate securely with their healthcare providers.


4. Mobile Accessibility


Recognizing the importance of mobile access to healthcare, we optimized the system for mobile devices. Patients and healthcare providers could now access critical information on smartphones and tablets.




The implementation of AngularJS solutions led to significant improvements for HCS:

Efficient Healthcare Management: The modernized system reduced administrative workload and improved patient care efficiency.

Enhanced Care Coordination: Seamless data integration led to better communication among departments, resulting in more coordinated patient care.

Improved Patient Engagement: The patient portal contributed to a 30% increase in patient engagement, with more patients scheduling appointments and accessing their health records online.

Mobile Accessibility: Mobile optimization attracted a new segment of patients, making healthcare services more accessible.





Client Testimonial


“NewSol’s AngularJS development services transformed our healthcare management. Their innovative solutions significantly improved our operational efficiency and patient care.” – Dr. Sarah Johnson, CEO of HealthCare Solutions Inc.