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Graphic Designing for Brand Identity (TastyBites)

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TastyBites is a family-owned restaurant located in the heart of New York City. Known for its delicious and diverse menu offerings, TastyBites has been a local favorite for over a decade. However, the restaurant’s branding had become outdated and no longer reflected the vibrant and modern dining experience it offered. NewSol was approached by TastyBites to revamp their brand identity and help them appeal to a younger, more urban demographic while retaining their loyal customer base.





Outdated Branding


The existing branding felt stale and did not align with the restaurant’s culinary innovation and contemporary atmosphere.

Target Audience Shift


TastyBites wanted to attract a younger audience while ensuring they didn’t alienate their existing customer base.



The restaurant faced increasing competition from new eateries in the area, requiring a fresh and distinctive brand identity to stand out.




Visual Identity Overhaul


NewSol initiated the project by conducting an in-depth analysis of TastyBites’ competitors and the broader food industry trends. The team recognized the need for a visual identity that balanced tradition with modernity. The logo was redesigned to incorporate a stylized, minimalist representation of a chef’s hat, signifying TastyBites’ commitment to culinary excellence. The color palette was updated to include warm, inviting tones while maintaining the restaurant’s signature red.

Menu Redesign


The menu was completely overhauled to reflect the restaurant’s diverse culinary offerings. NewSol designed a clean and easy-to-read menu with high-quality images of the dishes, reinforcing the restaurant’s commitment to visual appeal. Creative typography and layout were used to make the menu engaging and informative.


Online Presence Enhancement


NewSol create the new design of site for TastyBites, ensuring it was responsive and user-friendly. An online ordering system was integrated to cater to the changing dining habits of the target audience. Social media profiles were updated with fresh graphics and content strategies to engage the younger demographic.

Marketing Collateral


NewSol designed promotional materials, including posters, flyers, and social media ads, to promote special events, seasonal menus, and discounts. These materials adhered to the new brand guidelines, creating a cohesive and recognizable look.


Redesigned brand identity and marketing


The redesigned brand identity and marketing collateral revitalized TastyBites’ image. Within six months of the rebrand, the restaurant experienced:

80% increase in foot traffic


An 80% increase in foot traffic, attracting a younger and more diverse clientele.


90% boost in online orders


A 90% boost in online orders due to the improved website and online marketing efforts.

Increased social media engagement


Increased social media engagement, with a 40% growth in followers and consistent positive feedback.

Recognition from local food critics


Recognition from local food critics and bloggers for the refreshed brand and menu.