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Email Marketing for VICHY SHOP

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At NewSol, we are experts in email marketing, and our partnership with VICHY SHOP, a prominent brand specializing in acne skin care products, showcases our dedication to delivering exceptional results. NewSol’s present  successful email marketing campaigns for VICHY SHOP



Campaign 1: Product Launch – Acne Clearing Gel:

Introduce and promote VICHY SHOP’s new Acne Clearing Gel to the target audience.





Segmentation: We segmented the subscriber list to target individuals who had previously purchased acne skincare products or expressed interest in acne treatments.

Informative Content: Crafted informative content highlighting the unique features of the Acne Clearing Gel, including ingredients, benefits, and user testimonials.

Personalization: Utilized personalization techniques to address subscribers by their first names and recommend products based on their skincare concerns.

User Reviews: Showcased positive user reviews and before-and-after photos to build trust and credibility.



NewSol’s Email Marketing Compaign Results:



Open Rate: 80% (exceeding industry benchmarks)

Click-Through Rate: 50% (significantly higher than industry averages)

Conversion Rate: 50%

The Acne Clearing Gel became a bestseller within the first month of the campaign.



Campaign 2: Educational Series – Acne Prevention Tips



Establish VICHY SHOP as a trusted source of acne-related information and promote brand loyalty.

Content Series: Developed an educational email series offering tips on acne prevention, skincare routines, and ingredient insights.

Interactive Content: Included quizzes and surveys to engage subscribers and gather feedback on their skincare concerns.

Product Recommendations: Suggested VICHY SHOP products within the educational content to drive sales.






Open Rate: 90% (exceptional engagement)

Click-Through Rate: 80%

Increased website traffic to acne prevention blog articles by 60%.

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