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Graphic Design for Automation Product Catalog

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Automate Hub Technologies, a leading provider of automation solutions, recognized the need to update their product catalog to reflect their cutting-edge technology and innovative offerings. NewSol was selected as the graphic design partner to provide creative solutions that would enhance the visual appeal and usability of the catalog, ensuring it effectively communicated the value of their automation products.




Technical Complexity


The automation industry involves intricate and highly technical products, which needed to be presented in a way that was easy for both experts and non-experts to understand.

Visual Consistency


The client sought a consistent and visually appealing design that would align with their brand while emphasizing the advanced nature of their solutions.

Content Organization


With a diverse product range, it was crucial to present information logically and clearly, ensuring clients could easily locate the products relevant to their needs.


Visual Concept Development


NewSol embarked on creating a visually engaging catalog by developing a modern and clean design concept. A color palette with a high-tech feel was chosen, while typography was selected for its readability and modernity.

Product Imagery Enhancement


To showcase Automate Hub products effectively, NewSol worked on enhancing product imagery. High-quality images were used to highlight key features and functionality, making it easier for readers to comprehend the products.


Iconography and Infographics


To simplify complex technical information, NewSol designed custom icons and infographics. These visual aids helped convey product benefits and specifications concisely and visually.




Layout and organization


The catalog’s layout was designed to guide readers through the content logically. Clear section headings, product categorization, and an intuitive flow ensured that clients could quickly find the information they needed.


Graphic design efforts by NewSol


The graphic design efforts by NewSol for Automate Hub Technologies’ product catalog led to significant improvements:

Increased readability


Increased readability and comprehension of technical information, making it more accessible to a broader audience.

Enhanced visual appeal


Enhanced visual appeal and a modern, high-tech look that aligned with Automate Hub’s brand identity.




Positive feedback


Positive feedback from clients and sales teams, noting the improved usability of the catalog for presentations and consultations.