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Mobile App Development Of Dikidi Mobile App

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At NewSol, we bring a wealth of experience to the table, specializing in the creation of bespoke mobile applications tailored to a diverse range of industries. From intricate IoT and fintech solutions to robust on-demand apps and thriving marketplaces, our expertise spans across domains. If you’re keen on harnessing the potential of mobile technology to elevate your business, NewSol is your trusted partner for innovative mobile application development.


Mobile App Development Of Dikidi Mobile App

Client Overview:


Dikidi is a leading online marketplace that connects customers with a huge range of local services, from splendor and health to domestic offerings and occasion making plans. To expand their attain and beautify user engagement, they approached NewSol, a trusted app development business enterprise, to create a cellular app that could carry their offerings to the fingertips of thousands and thousands of users.


Project Scope:


The project aimed to develop a robust, user-friendly mobile app for Dikidi that would offer the following key features.


Service Discovery:


Provide users with an intuitive interface to browse and discover various local services offered on the platform.


Booking and Scheduling:


Enable users to book appointments or services directly through the app, complete with date and time scheduling.







Secure Payments:


Implement stable price gateways to facilitate seamless and safe transactions for customers and carrier vendors.


User Profiles:


Allow users to create profiles, manage options, and maintain music of their reserving records.


Push Notifications:


Send actual-time updates and reminders to users about upcoming appointments and promotions.



Key Achievements:

Customized User Experience:


Our team designed a visually appealing and user-friendly interface that reflects Dikidi’s brand identity while ensuring ease of use for both customers and service providers.


Seamless Booking


The app seamlessly integrates with Dikidi’s platform, providing users with the convenience of booking services with just a few taps.


Payment Integration:


We integrated secure payment gateways, ensuring the safety of financial transactions for all parties involved.


Enhanced User Engagement:


The app’s push notification system keeps users informed and engaged, leading to increased customer retention.




The Dikidi Mobile App has had a profound impact on the growth and success of the platform:


Increased User Base:


The app has expanded Dikidi’s reach to a broader audience, resulting in a significant increase in the user base.


Improved Customer Loyalty:


The convenience and user-friendly nature of the app have fostered customer loyalty and satisfaction.



Streamlined Operations:


Service providers benefit from a streamlined booking system that simplifies their daily operations.


Revenue Growth:


The mobile app has not only increased the convenience for users but also contributed to revenue growth for Dikidi.


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