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Our team brings a wealth of knowledge to the table with over a decade of committed experience in the dynamic field of digital marketing. Since 2010, as we’ve perfected our trade, we’ve had the honor of working with prominent businesses from a range of sectors, including cutting-edge startups, e-commerce behemoths, and major worldwide players in the tech sector.

Our primary competencies cover a wide range of digital marketing tactics, from developing engaging content and enhancing search engine performance to launching data-driven email marketing campaigns and developing social media campaigns that go viral.


Case Studies and Projects:


  • Client: TikTok marketing with Marlina Boutique




Marlina Boutique, a trendy clothing brand targeting fashion-forward millennials, faced the challenge of gaining visibility in a competitive fashion market. With the target audience predominantly active on TikTok, the brand needed to establish a compelling presence and boost brand awareness on the platform.




Our team devised a TikTok marketing strategy centered around creative storytelling and leveraging popular TikTok trends within the fashion and lifestyle niche.







  1. Authentic Storytelling: We created a series of short-form videos that showcased the brand’s unique style and fashion philosophy. These videos not only highlighted Marlina Boutique’s latest collections but also told compelling brand stories that resonated with the target audience.


  1. Trend-Jacking: We identified trending TikTok challenges and trends related to fashion and beauty and seamlessly incorporated Marlina Boutique’s products into these challenges. This helped the brand ride the wave of viral content and reach a wider audience.


  1. Influencer Partnerships: To amplify the campaign’s reach, we collaborated with popular fashion influencers on TikTok who authentically incorporated Marlina Boutique’s products into their content. These influencers provided authentic endorsements, increasing the brand’s credibility.



  • Marlina Boutique’s TikTok account gained over 200,000 followers within three months of implementing the strategy.
  • Videos featuring the brand’s products received an average of 500,000 views each.
  • The influencer partnerships generated over 20 million impressions and significantly expanded the brand’s reach.
  • Sales from TikTok-referred traffic increased by 40%, demonstrating a direct impact on the bottom line.

2nd Client: Meta Marketing with Steven Broad


Client Name: Steven Broad


Client Background:


Steven Broad is a small business owner based in New York City. He owns a coffee shop called “Broad Beans Coffee House.” The coffee shop offers high-quality coffee, pastries, and a cozy atmosphere for customers to relax and socialize.


Project Overview:


Steven Broad approached our digital marketing agency, “NewSol,” with the goal of increasing foot traffic to his coffee shop and boosting online visibility. He wanted to leverage Facebook marketing to achieve these objectives.


Project Strategy:


  • Audience Research:


We began by conducting audience research to identify potential customer segments for Broad Beans Coffee House. This involved analyzing the demographics, interests, and behaviors of local coffee enthusiasts.


  • Content Creation:


We created engaging and visually appealing content, including images of coffee, pastries, and the coffee shop’s ambiance.

Designed branded graphics and images consistent with Broad Beans Coffee House’s identity.


  • Ad Campaign Setup:


Developed a Facebook ad campaign with the following components:


Different ad sets targeting specific customer segments.


Ad Creatives: Utilized the content created earlier to craft compelling ads.


Created ad copy that highlighted Broad Beans Coffee House’s unique selling points, such as its artisanal coffee blends and cozy atmosphere.


Ad Budget: Set a monthly ad budget to optimize ad spend.


Ad Optimization: Constantly monitored ad performance, making adjustments to ad targeting, ad creatives, and ad copy to maximize ROI.




Over the course of three months, the Facebook marketing campaign for Broad Beans Coffee House yielded the following results:


Increased Foot Traffic: Foot traffic to the coffee shop increased by 25%.


Social Media Engagement: Engagement on the coffee shop’s Facebook page grew by 40%, including likes, comments, and shares.


Online Visibility: Broad Beans Coffee House’s Facebook page received 15% more views, helping to boost its online presence.


Customer Feedback: Positive reviews and recommendations from satisfied customers increased by 30%.


Return on Investment (ROI): The campaign generated a positive ROI, with a 10% increase in monthly revenue attributed to the Facebook marketing efforts.


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