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Pharmaceutical Industry Web Development

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Project Overview:

NewSol was entrusted with a challenging web development project within the highly regulated pharmaceutical industry in the USA. Our task was to create a cutting-edge online platform that would serve as a hub for medical professionals and patients seeking reliable information while adhering to stringent regulatory standards.








Regulatory Compliance


Ensuring the website met FDA and industry-specific compliance standards was paramount.


User-Centered Design


The platform needed to provide an intuitive user experience for healthcare professionals and patients.


Content Management


Managing vast and ever-evolving pharmaceutical content required an efficient content management system (CMS).


Data Security


Protecting sensitive medical data and maintaining HIPAA compliance was a top priority.






Regulatory Expertise


Our team conducted extensive research to ensure strict compliance with FDA and industry guidelines.


User-Centric Design


User research guided the creation of a user-friendly interface tailored to the needs of medical professionals and patients.


Robust CMS


We integrated a versatile content management system, enabling seamless content updates and categorization.





Security Measures


Cutting-edge security protocols and access controls were implemented to safeguard sensitive data and ensure HIPAA compliance.






Increased Engagement


User-friendly design and organized content led to heightened engagement and return visits.


Regulatory Adherence


The website successfully met FDA regulations and maintained HIPAA compliance.


Reputation Enhancement


The revamped platform boosted the client’s reputation in the pharmaceutical industry.




Efficient Content Management


Content updates became simpler and more accurate with the integrated CMS.


Strong Security


Implemented security measures instilled user trust and ensured data protection.