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NewSol's expertise transforms your vision into reality, ensuring seamless, top-notch applications across all platforms.


Cross-Platform Application Development Services

At NewSol, we provide top-notch cross-platform application development services for businesses of all sizes. Our team of experienced developers specializes in creating custom apps that can be used on multiple platforms, ensuring that your product will be accessible to as many users as possible. We understand the unique challenges associated with cross-platform development and strive to provide the best solutions for our clients.

Top Notch Cross Platform App Development

Reach iOS and Android users effectively with our US-based cross-platform app development company. We provide high-quality services for your digital success.

Cross Platform App Development Services

Explore versatile app solutions with our US-based cross-platform app development services. As a top cross-platform app development company, we cater to your digital needs.

We Create Magic Cross-Platform Apps

Quick and Easy Set-up

Get your application up and running in no time, no matter what type of mobile device you use.
Customization Options – With our range of custom options, you can personalize your app and make it your own. From layout and navigation to design and icons, make your application truly unique.
Comprehensive Services – Our services encompass the full application development lifecycle, from UI design to full platform integration and beyond.
Experienced Developers – Our developers have years of experience in cross-platform development and can create a customized solution tailored to your needs.
Cloud Compatible Platforms – we provide our clients with custom-made software that runs perfectly on various cloud-compatible platforms, from macOS and Windows to Android and iOS.
End-to-End Solutions – We take the hassle out of app development by delivering end-to-end solutions including ideation, design, implementation and management of your app.

Our Cross Platform App Development Services

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Responsive Web App

Unlock the power of responsive web apps with a top cross-platform app development company in the US. Elevate user experiences with our cutting-edge services.

Hybrid App

Experience top-tier Android application development in Columbus, Ohio. Our bespoke Android app development combines cutting-edge programming and software development for exceptional mobile solutions.

Upgrade & Maintenance

Ensure your app's longevity with expert upgrade and maintenance services from a top cross-platform app development company in the US. Stay ahead in the digital game.

UI/UX Design

Upraise user engagement with captivating UI/UX design from a renowned cross-platform app development company in the US. Craft seamless experiences with our services

Industry solutions

Tailored industry solutions delivered by a leading cross-platform app development company in the US. Raise your business with our specialized services

Migration Services

Seamless platform migration by a trusted cross-platform app development company in the US. Upgrade and expand with our expert migration services

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Why Choose Newsol?

As a leading cross-platform app development company in the US, we offer top-notch services. Our expertise ensures effective cross-platform app development to meet your digital needs.

Newsol often is the premiere cross-platform app improvement corporation in the United States. We’re not simply another employer; we’re your gateway to top-notch offerings.


Our unwavering dedication to excellence and innovation is the cornerstone of our go-platform app improvement solutions, perfectly tailored to satisfy your virtual requirements.

At Newsol, we’re more than just developers; we’re your trusted partners on the journey to digital transformation.

With a wealth of experience and a penchant for cutting-edge technology, we provide you with the keys to unlock your digital potential.

Choose Newsol, and you choose success in the digital realm, where possibilities are limitless, and your vision becomes reality

Cross Platform App Dev Technologies

Swift and Objective-C

Our developers are skilled in the coding languages required for iOS apps, including swift and objective-C. They have experience in using these languages.


In addition to creating iOS apps, our skilled developers can build apps that are compatible with both iOS and Android devices. This enables you to reach a wider audience.

React Native

Our team can use open-source tools to speed up app development. We specialize in creating powerful, native apps for various platforms, including iOS.

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