At NewSol, we specialize in developing robust, secure, and user-friendly desktop applications with the latest technologies and tools. Our desktop application development services utilize MVC/Core, C#.NET, WCF, Web Services, Web Api/Core programming languages as well as Visual Studio and VS Code for programming purposes. We are also adept at utilizing other programming languages such as C\C++, Java, Assembly and PHP when necessary.

We employ advanced project management tools such as Azure DevOps and Jira to ensure the smooth and efficient deployment of our projects. Our solutions run on Windows OS family while using TL-SQL and SQL Server in combination with SSRS for data base manipulation.

Our team has extensive experience in designing engaging interfaces as well as customizing various existing applications according to the needs of our customers. We strive to provide a high-quality end product that exceeds your expectations.

Our Technologies

Programming Tools:

Visual Studio, VS Code

Other Programming Languages:

C\C++,  JAVA, Assembly, PHP

Project Management Tools:

Azure DevOps, Jira

Operating System:

Windows OS Family

Data Bases Languages and Tools:


Unleash the Power of Desktop Apps

  • Experience – Our team of experienced engineers is dedicated to building high-quality desktop applications, so you can trust the finished product will be top-notch.
  • Automation – Streamline your processes by incorporating automated functionality into your custom application. Our solutions are designed to make life easier for your team.
  • Integration – Maximize the power of your desktop applications by integrating with existing technologies, such as cloud computing or third-party services.

High Quality Standards

Educated & Experienced Team

Modern Business Solutions

Inspection & Accreditation