We offer a full range of financial and taxation services, designed to ensure that your finances and taxes are managed effectively.

At NewSol Technologies, we offer a wide range of professional Financial & Taxation Consultancy services to help your business grow. Our team of experienced professionals provides expertise in audit and assurance, internal audit, management audit, system review, bookkeeping services, payroll, registration for taxes, monthly GST/VAT filing and preparation of annual returns along with guidance on legal matters related to taxation. With our cutting-edge solutions, you can rest assured that all your financial needs will be taken care of effectively and efficiently.

Our Services Include:


Audit & Assurance – We provide detailed audit and assurance services for any company, ensuring compliance with all regulatory standards.

Internal Audit – We assess internal financial control systems to identify risks, increase efficiency and strengthen controls.

Management Audit – We review current operations and processes in order to improve productivity and cost effectiveness.

System Review – We identify key areas for improvement within your financial systems, making sure you are compliant with industry regulations.

Bookkeeping Services – Our experienced bookkeepers take the burden off your shoulders, providing up-to-date bookkeeping records at all times.

Payroll – We process payrolls on time and accurately so you can be confident in knowing you’re compliant with local laws.


Registration – We ensure you are registered correctly for taxation purposes according to all applicable laws.

Monthly GST/VAT – Our team handles the submission of GST/VAT returns each month in an efficient manner.

Annual Returns – Ensure that annual returns are prepared accurately on time so as to minimize tax liabilities where applicable.

Legal Matters – Our advisors can assist with the legal aspects related to corporate finance, income tax, wealth tax etc.

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