At NewSol Technologies, we provide end-to-end mobile application development services for both iOS and Android platforms. Our dedicated team of developers has the necessary expertise to create feature-rich apps that stand out from the competition.

Our Team Has Experience With All Of The Following Technologies:

Custom iOS and Android app development – We specialize in custom mobile applications designed specifically to meet our client’s individual needs. From wireframes to user interfaces, our experienced designers will craft beautiful and intuitive app experiences.

Native And Cross-Platform Solutions – Our mobile app development team is well-versed in native development on both iOS and Android as well as developing cross-platform apps using Xamarin or React Native.

Second Platform App Development – Have an existing app but want to add a second platform? We can help! We offer comprehensive second-platform app development services, allowing you to expand your reach without having to rebuild from scratch.

Ui/Ux Design – We know that first impressions matter, so we put extra effort into creating designs that are both eye-catching and highly usable. Whether it’s prototyping for user testing or creating high-fidelity designs for deployment, we have the expertise to make sure your app stands out from the crowd.

Consulting And Prototyping – Before committing time and money into a full project, we offer consulting services that allow our clients to develop a detailed strategy before building their applications. Additionally, our team offers prototype development services which give us an early indication of what a final product could look like while still in its early stages.

Automated Qa And Testing – Testing should never be an afterthought. We pride ourselves on rigorous quality assurance standards that allow us to quickly identify any bugs or inconsistencies within an application before its launch.

Power Management, Notification, And Geofencing – Create customized alerts with geo-fencing capabilities, tailored notifications and push messages, and control power management of devices remotely, among other features provided by the latest technology platforms available in the market today!

Embedded Android & AOP Customizations – Looking for low-level OS customizations? Our team is experienced with Embedded Android as well as customizing Andriod Open Source Project (AOSP) distributions for particular devices and unique scenarios.

Maintenance And Post-Warranty Support – We offer maintenance packages that include routine software updates as well as providing post-warranty support services if required by customers after launching their application.

No matter what kind of application you’re looking for, our talented team of experts at ABC Technologies can make it happen

High Quality Standards

Educated & Experienced Team

Modern Business Solutions

Inspection & Accreditation

Unleash The Power of Mobile Apps

  • Rapid Prototyping – Rapid! prototyping allows us to quickly test concepts and create experiences faster.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions – Our team of mobile developers can provide cost-effective solutions for all types of businesses, without compromising quality.
  • Security & Privacy – We provide secure data encryption, authentication protocols, and private servers to protect sensitive customer information.
  • Consulting And Prototyping
  • Automated QA And Testing
  • Power Management, Notification And Geofencing
  • Embedded Android & AOSP Customizations
  • Maintenance And Post-Warranty Support