Get Results With Our PPC Campaign Management Services

With our PPC campaign management strategies we maximize exposure of your ads within given budget constraints while staying compliant with industry standards of practice. In addition, we also employ A/B testing methodologies to find out which ad formats perform better over time while reducing wastage of resources. We develop an effective PPC campaign strategy tailored to your budget and goals. We can create new campaigns or improve existing ones, utilizing keyword research and ad copy optimization techniques.

Our team of experts at NewSol will conduct thorough research into relevant keywords related to your industry in order to select the best keywords for targeting in PPC campaigns. We will monitor competitors’ keywords, review search terms and track current trends. Once we establish the right keywords, we write creative yet professional ads that are optimized for higher click-through rates. Our ad copywriters use engaging language while still keeping it within guidelines set by the platform you’re using (Google Adwords, Amazon, eBay etc). We make sure that users landing on your page are motivated to convert into leads/sales through appropriate content and calls-to-action.

  • Google Shopping Ads
  • In-stream Ads
  • Local Services Ads
  • Amazon PPC Ads

Drive More Traffic With PPC

  • Expert Consultation – Benefit from personalized recommendations and up-to-date strategies with our experts’ help.
  • Results Tracking & Optimization – Know exactly how your campaigns are performing with our detailed reporting tools, so you can identify opportunities for optimization.
  • Comprehensive Suite of Services – Take advantage of our end-to-end PPC services from setup, optimization and budget management to retargeting, conversion tracking, and beyond.

Drive More Traffic With PPC

Reach Your Goals Faster With PPC

Increase ROI With PPC Management

Unlock Profits With PPC Management

What PPC Campaign Management Services Include

  1. Account Setup and Configuration: We will setup, configure, and optimize your PPC accounts in Google AdWords, Amazon, Ebay and other advertising platforms.
  2. Research & Planning: We will analyze the best performing keywords and phrases that match with your products and services so as to get the maximum return on investment for each campaign.
  3. Ad Creation: Our experienced copywriters will create appealing ads for different campaigns which will include attention grabbing titles and persuasive descriptions.
  4. Targeting Strategies: We’ll make sure your ads reach the right target audience at the right time with effective targeting strategies.
  5. Performance Tracking & Monitoring: We monitor and analyze every detail of performance across different campaigns to maximize return on investment (ROI).
  6. Bid Optimization & Adjustments: Our experts use sophisticated tools to monitor real-time bid optimization data for greater ROI in each click.
  7. Conversion Optimization: We are proficient at increasing conversions by improving website landing pages or adjusting ad copies or bid strategies according to individual goals.
  8. Reporting & Analysis: To ensure full transparency we provide detailed reports including performance overviews and recommendations based on past trends to improve results in future campaigns.